Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Place To Nap

Diane, Judy and Laura's neighbor, was puzzled by my behavior last night. All I wanted was a place to nap. They were watching something called the inauguration on the televison. I looked around the room and do you think they left any of my favorite nap spots open. No! Sure there was the center of the couch, but I like a corner and Judy was sitting on the recliner. Well, I had no other choice. I bite one of Judy's toes. She screeched and quickly pulled it away. So I bite a toe on the other foot. She screeched again. Diane asked Laura, "What is he doing!" She laughed and said, "He wants her chair." Smart girl that Laura. Judy sighed and got off the chair which I immediately occupied. Ah. It's a good life.

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Laura said...

The cat doesn't lie. That is exactly how it happened and he is the "king". Judy says we will get along with him better if we just give him what he wants. I sure hope Shady hasn't overheard that commnet! It only took two bites and she gave up her chair. He was then happy and peacful once HIS chair was free for his napping pleasure. Maybe one day Shady will describe his early morning routine. His communication skills are top notch.